Android email app recommendations?

I know this is pretty much totally off-topic, but I was just wondering if anyone here has any recommended mail apps for Android? I’ve been using the default app even thought it’s a bit “meh”.

It would be nice if the app allowed me to reply as an alias. Never quite figured out how to do that in the default app. (Credentials are shared encrypted to a 3rd party though)

I use:
Quick and no problems with privacy.

What did you use for the settings? I can’t get mine to connect?

This is the configuration I use.

Your admin panel has the settings under the “mail” tab.

This was a recommended app I linked above, however - please note on iOS and Android versions of the app, your credentials are shared with the app developer. They claim this is for notifications (push to be specific). I have never noticed issues but as a paranoid sysadmin, I moved to K9 instead.

If you are fine with the credential sharing from app → dev then its a beautiful app to use.

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I have tested a ton of email clients for android but always return to AquaMail. It is by far the most configurable, has a pretty ok UI design and makes it easy to handle multiple accounts at the same time, do stuff like sending from aliases etc etc. You can control all parts of when mail should be synced, how much, what should be in the menu/slide menu + much much more.

Aquamail has outrageously intrusive ads and a paid option of $2.50 per month, which is pretty much just extortion.

K-9 Mail doesn’t have swipe right and left for next or previous emails. That’s a non-starter, for me.

Products from Microsoft and Google I consider to be spyware and only used for services provided by them.

That is true, but it has 2 arrow buttons on the task bar thing that does this anyway - which is infinitely better than gesture control anyway.

That is completely subjective. I can swipe from anywhere within the email body with any finger from any angle with either hand, but the little arrows are in one little spot and must be tapped perfectly and may be more difficult depending on which hand and fingers are being used.

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I paid a small price like $5 once for aquamail and I have received free updates ever since. Don’t know anything about subscriptions, adds or similar as I have never seen any of those.
This is the key I bought for it (I can se it is $19 these days and worth ever penny)

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Yeah, I guess I just don’t like using gestures for most things, but I get your point.

@kimusan I might switch to aquamail just for the UI alone, but Is it open source too?

It used to be but some company bought the project and closed it. There is still an active community they listen to though.