Amazon Atlas - IP Range

Since the release of the Amazon Atlas by WL I am blocking
all the IP ranges of that company:

curl --doh-url -kLO
jq .createDate < ip-ranges.json
jq -r ‘.prefixes | .[].ip_prefix’ < ip-ranges.json
jq -r ‘.ipv6_prefixes | .[].ipv6_prefix’ < ip-ranges.json

But I have noticed that while installing/re-installing MIAB, it gets stuck on
“Installing Roundcube (webmail)…”

So if anyone is doing the same, and has blocked all the IP ranges of Amazon while installing MIAB, you need to unblock it as RoundCube is hosted on Amazon …

I have not had time yet, which IP range it is (so had to unblock ALL), but when I will have time, I will update it here.

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