Allowing my other server send mail using SMTP on my mailinabox server

I have set up mailinabox successfully.

Now I would like my another server to use mailinabox as smtp server to send mail.

I would really appreicate some heads up.

Thank you

You really need to provide more information , such as if you are running another mail server on the other machine, or if it is running applications which generate email that you want to be sent by the MiaB install or …

Nobody can help if you do not provide some specifics to your situation and describe what you are wanting to accomplish.

I should have known better you are totally right.

I set the mailinbox using this tutorial.

and set a domain name for that as in the ip

I have another domain which is a web site ( and hosted in its dedicated box

From I would like to connect to and use its SMTP to send email.

So will send email on behalf of

Hopefully I am clear.
Thanks for your time

What on will actually be sending the mail? How will the email be generated?

Or … are you wanting to be able to send email with the sender as being mydomain2,com?

Thanks for your fast reply.
The email is going to be generated by Opencart/php on
From address in receivers mail should be like

Ok … that was what I needed to know to be certain what you wanted to do.

Opencart can be configured to use a SMTP server to send mail. You will want to set Opencart up to do so. To do so however you will need to add to your MiaB instance by adding a new email address (such as which can then be the sending email address for Opencart.

One site with more information on the Opencart settings: The relevant server and port information to be used can be found in your MiaB admin panel.

There is plenty of information about hosting multiple domains in your MiaB installation on this forum.

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