Allocate mail storage size per user basics


When we create a mail box for a user. How to allocate user mail storage size like a particular mail user can store upto 500mb and another user can store upto 1gb ?

Is there any configuration to allocate mail storage size per user basics?

Also, please clarify how to show available and used storage size on that particular user in roundcube.

The Mail-in-a-Box project does not support quotas.

However, there is at least one fork of the project that may suit your needs you might look at:

There are also other projects such as iRedMail, mailcow, and Modoboa.

We should also remember @jrsupplee has a fork that is an exact replica of the original Mail-in-a-Box, except for adding quota’s.

This branch is 144 commits ahead, 12 commits behind mail-in-a-box:main.

I wasn’t sure if this is being maintained, so I didn’t list it.

He hasn’t updated to v0.53 yet. Afterall, it was only released a day ago. :slight_smile:

.53 added 10 commits.

BTW, I think a better way for me to work my statement above is that I didn’t know if that repo was being maintained for others to use, or just for the person who owns the repo.

I have used it with 3 servers for two years.

John of necessity has to lag behind.

It works.


I also use John’s branch, seems to lag behind a bit but John eventually gets it up-to-date. Honestly, John’s quota solution is awesome. Was hoping that he would work on the Pull Request to add this functionality to MIAB mainline. I use this “fork” on several mail servers for different people.

There is a PR:

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