All alliases to one email address

Hi; is there any way I can create an ‘alias’ that catches all aliases so they are sent to my main account?

I tried ’ *@domain.mine ', but that didn’t work.

I use aliases as a login for a website, so my loginname is always different, and if get spam I know who sold my email…

But to create a seperate aliase every time via the admin, would be a lot of work.


I just found:

In which ‘@domain.mine’ would work as a catch-all, I tried it, but I’m not sure if it works yet.

Sent an email about 10 minutes ago from my work email and it has still not been received (not a bounce either though)

just a quick update

The ‘@domain.mine’ works as a catch all.

I’ve disabled catch-alls in the admin for now since they have odd behavior. Until that’s sorted out, you can add them with the tools/ command-line tool.

Thanks for the update, for me it works like a charm (running 0.2), so i’ll wait updating until it’s al working as it should for everyone else as well.

Thanks for your work!

Alias for all@ user on domain ?
How create alias for all users domain?

You want to send an email to everyone at a domain? Pretty sure mailinabox doesn’t support that feature.

Easiest is to just compose an email and address it to all your users.

If you’re ready for pain and learning, you could manipulate Postfix directly… Here’s a post, but step 1 needs to use /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/DOMAIN instead of /home.