Adopting a Code of Conduct


Hello all,

Mail-in-a-Box is going to adopt a Code of Conduct.

Please see the draft Code of Conduct that I’ve posted here:

It is adapted primarily from the Contributor Covenant.

I am open to feedback about this draft and what to put in a Code of Conduct. But not up for discussion is whether to have a Code of Conduct.

This isn’t in response to anything that has happened in the project so far. I have easily been the most difficult person in this community. But a Code of Conduct signals to would-be community members that we take community seriously and that I am prepared to enforce norms for acceptable behavior when necessary. Tech communities have been historically, and unfortunately too often still continue to be, unwelcoming to women and other groups, and we all have a responsibility to change that.

So please read the draft and share your thoughts. This is also pull request #900, and you can comment either here on the discussion forum or on github — I’ll be reading both places.


Very good, thanks for your leadership and action on this topic. I wouldn’t have any further input on the draft you’ve posted.

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Ok, we’ve now officially adopted a Code of Conduct. See the link below. Apologies that this forum closed automatically after six days – hopefully no one had additional thoughts. If so, please start a new thread.