Admin panel not reachable, everything seems fine

Hello, i’ve just installed MIAB after watching the video and reading the manual.
Everything went fine. But i’m unable to reach admin panel by typing XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/admin as it is displayed at the end of the installation.

Here are some commands i threw (coming from another topic from this forum): says this:


Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key
✓ All system services are running.
✓ SSH disallows password-based login.
✓ System software is up to date.
? Mail-in-a-Box version check disabled by privacy setting.
✓ System administrator address exists as a mail alias. [ ↦]
✓ The disk has 7.64 GB space remaining.
✓ System memory is 76% free.


Could not load host key: /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ed25519_key
✓ Firewall is active.
✓ Outbound mail (SMTP port 25) is not blocked.
✓ IP address is not blacklisted by

it says things about DNS also but everything is fine. (just no TLS at the moment)

Then i display ufw rules:

sudo ufw status | egrep “Status|80|443”

and it replies:

Status: active
80 ALLOW Anywhere
443 ALLOW Anywhere
80 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)
443 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)

it seems also fine.

I try to test the webserver from the inside of the box with:

wget -O - --no-check-certificate
(no certificate cause it wont display anything otherwise)

and it replies with the full webpage (proof):

// Recall what the user was last looking at.
if (typeof localStorage != ‘undefined’ && localStorage.getItem(“miab-cp-lastpanel”)) {
} else {


100%[===========================================================================>] 108,355 --.-K/s in 0.006s

2018-07-22 20:03:33 (17.3 MB/s) - written to stdout [108355/108355]

But i’m still unable to access it from my home (connection timeout). I tryed with different browser, or from different IP (smartphone). Nginx show no errors (just the SSL thing). Do you have any idea? (i’m sure it’s pretty obvious but i still can’t troubleshoot it)

Your DNS is fubared.

Your glue records show your IP as but there is no response from that IP address to DNS queries or even ping.

yes, i can only ssh to the box, but everything seems ok (fw rules and co).

I will probably retry a full install later today. I’ll keep you inform. I saved every fw rules (iptables -S) to compare to my next install to see if it comes from it or it is my VPS host that is the problem. OVH is a bit tricky about hostname and co…

EDIT : Glue record seems to be good on namecheap, as indicated in the MIAB tutorial video. My VPS seems to be the problem, at least its network configuration.

I am confused … how can you SSH to the box if it is not answering requests from the internet? Are you sure that you are not meaning that you can connect to it from the console within OVH’s admin panel?

no no, i was able from home to connect to my VPS ^^
I’ve just reinstalled the whole thing (i need to try jenkins/ansible, resets are killing me)

iptables shows totally different things now… it seems iptables for docker didn’t went well on the previous installation (none showed), it’s the only difference on the first review.

Now everything is ok. i can receive en send mail. sent mail go to spam folder, so i’ll try to look into that. Moreover, an SSL certificate (not self signed ^^) would be greate.

I didn’t know the “fubared” expression. I’ll reuse that )))

Wait, Docker? MIAB is not docker compatible. MIAB needs it’s own server (a linux container / VM would work, I am not sure how docker would work for this however.)

When i did the new install, a set of rules for docker were added. This rules weren’t there when i did the previous install. It seems that’s the only difference between new and previous installation. Now if you tell me that this should not be on my VPS (dedicated to mailinabox), i guess i have some problems here.

EDIT : i installed MIAB on a dedicated fresh installed VPS (just SSH conf added and hostname modified). I never installed DOCKER, but still there is this set of rules for DOCKER

Who is the hosting provider you use for the VPS?

it’s OVH, VPS (the smallest)

Are you sure you didn’t install a docker image from them (like a one-click app?) that is strange that docker is installed… (Or at least there are FW rules for it)

i’m pretty sure about it. i even deactivated some of their cloud configuration (cause hostname). Nothing to see on “top”. I keep monitoring logs, no suspect activity. I’ll make another fresh install tomorrow to be sure.

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