Admin panel modification

Is it possible to edit the admin panel html files in order to change the contents of it? In my case I want to translate the entire website in Italian (I’m Italian) and maybe add some links or images. I’ve looked everywhere and I’ve found only the templates folder, but editing this files doesn’t do the job.

Editing the html files inside the templates folder was the right thing to do, in fact when I restarted the machine the modifications took effect. I thought that the miab admin panel was using nginx, in fact before restarting the machine I tried by restarting the nginx service but nothing happened. Maybe it doesn’t use nginx. So does someone know what do I have to do for the modifications to take effect without having to restart the OS?

In the absence of any other response and in more of a spirit of a bump

I was intrigued enough by this to have a quick poke around (there are changes I’ve been itching to make here as well).

Obviously these /management/template/* files risk being overwritten by future upgrades so (as so often) not ideal solution.

But … in the spirit of understanding and opensource:
It seems to me that these “template” files are loaded once at reboot and are not part of nginx reload/restart. (though nginx does cache heavily compared to Apache)

My guess is that there is a template handler somewhere which is invoked only at MIAB OS startup???
If it could be found (? one of the *.sh ?) then perhaps invoked following editing a template.

Again any changes are unsupported and likely to be blown away at any time in the future.

“service mailinabox restart” to reload the templates I believe.

(Also check ~/mailinabox/tools/ (or in ~/mailinabox/scripts/))


“service mailinabox restart” worked without having to restart the system. Thanks for you help.

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