Admin page won't show the login part and all menu items become unavailable

I created a new Ubuntu 14.04 VM in the cloud.
I purchased domain names in Gandi, set the glue records and the DNS server settings.
I set the reverse DNS setting on the VM.
I changed the hostname in VM, and ran the set up script.
I set the DNSSEC and everything worked like charm…
… until today.

When I opened and planned to add more users, I noticed the issue as the topic title indicates.
I rebooted the server but the issue persists.

What now?

It looks like you made a modification to Mail-in-a-Box.

Not really.
The only thing I changed is replacing the to (Or it won’t work in China mainland).
However the issue occurs before I made that change.
And the issue remains the same after I made the change.


Re-run the install script.

If Mail-in-a-Box doesn’t actually work out-of-the-box in China, please open an issue on our github project so we can track this issue, thanks.

Re-ran and went to no avail.

The problem is that it worked for a while and then, for no reason and by taking no action, it failed to work any longer. And the only broken part came to be the admin page. All other pages have been working without an issue and the SMTP/IMAP service has always been working without an issue as well.

Try using the /etc/hosts file to have your server redirect, or use a temporary VPN when updating/viewing MIAB.

Are you indicating that some server access issue or channel affects the result?

If your server cannot access the required external hosts because of region, a VPN connection whilst updating is my recommended way. May not be the best approach. I would open an issue up on GitHub so @JoshData can look at it.

The problem is that it may not be the issue. If the issue is originated from a server access error (blocked or cut in the middle way) the issue will be there from the very beginning. But that’s not the case. The issue occurred some days later after the MIAB had installed.

Well, like I said, I’m happy to discuss the original problem that lead you to make the change if you open an issue on github. Other people might be able to diagnose the new problem, but that’s not really the point of this forum.

Sure thing. Will do as instructed.

If you post the last bits of the nginx log file (/var/log/nginx/error.log) It will tell us a more specific issue (That is, if nginx is the service throwing the error like HTTP Code 500 or something)

Created an issue on GitHub and got resolved today. Thanks all.

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