Admin account reset

Hello, I am new to mail in a box, I’m very frustrated with the setup. I have limited time between setups, and I keep forgetting my admin account user name and password. I have to change it constantly after each reinstall, and I am tired of going through this and wasting time. Is there a way to directly open the database and edit this information without having to constantly spend and hr reinstalling? Thx.

Write down your account details on a piece of paper? I can’t see how this can possibly be an MIAB problem to fix.

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It’s not per say… I just wanted to know a quick way to edit the DB, I think its SQL lite? I’m just overall frustrated… I don’t wish to use a VPS. My Mailinabox will be behind a firewall. How do I run mailinabox without using the hostpc as a DNS? I would prefer I add the records on my godaddy manually. Where are the suggested records stored?

I assume that you do not forget your SSH login details … so you can edit the admin email by using the command line.

Assuming that you installed MiaB as the root user, then you want to cd into the /root/mailinabox/management/ directory. From there run ./ which will show you the options for adding users and changing passwords.

Honestly, IMHO having GoDaddy handle your DNS is a huge mistake as their DNS services are horrible at best. But to each their own… Your suggested records are located on the External DNS page of the MiaB admin area.

It sounds like you’d be a good candidate for my services. I’ll happily maintain and/or upgrade MiaB for you. Please see:

I appreciate that… I’ve figured out using the external DNS configuration. However I am still getting

I have all the ports open. I can even test to make sure they are open. All but SSH, I am not doing a public SSH. Nor do I really need port 53 for dns open. But everything else isn’t checking in the maib system tester. Its defiantly not a firewall issue…

Actually, you do for sending emails.

Hard to help you further without an IP or hostname. Feel free to PM me with said info.

Where are you hosting this?

you only need port 53 outbound. you don’t need it inbound.

I figured that all out, but my latest problem now is NSD is preventing my Box from resolving and DNS. I don’t want to use an internal DNS. I put all my records on the GoDaddy account. How do I get DNS fixed again in my BOX? I have not internet DNS resolution whatsoever on my Ubuntu 18 box. Should I be using a newer version of ubuntu? I think NSD is broke on 18?

I dont understand. How is it preventing resolution. Is NSD not running?

Did you try re-running the setup?

sudo mailinabox

I suppose if all you need is name resolution, you could always modify:

vim(or nano) /etc/resolv.conf

then put in external name servers


Hmmm I will try that… I’m actually redoing the box now… using ubuntu 22.04 LTS, will that work?