Admin access (web) for only specific domain's admin?

Is there some way so that an individual domain’s admin only has access and sees the configurations relevant to their domain (ie only gets to see the email users configurations, for example; or that non-admin users can see the email Instructions page, only?)

No there is not. You will need to use a custom web interface for that.

Any suggestions of another such tool that exists, which can be installed?

Something like ViMbAdmin?

Can that be easily added?

That might work but I have never seen or heard anyone using it.

Right now there are no other custom web interfaces for what you want. but if you know PHP it’s not impossible to do.

Yes, great - assume I don’t know PHP (or, not well enough to create my own custom web interface).

What “other custom Web interfaces” are there, or would you recommend for this? Something that can be installed without interfering with MIAB.

Unfortunately what you are looking for does not exist. If you would like I can make one for you for commission. This will cost some money. PM me if interested.

Other work of mine is on my site:

Ok, Ill bite on this one:

murgero, how much would you need, moneywise, to code something up and submit it to the project? As in we pay you for the labor to add a feature.

It depends on all the specifc features needed, is this going to be a separate web interface? Is this going to need to be supported? Is this just adding features to MIAB? And if so are we going to fork MIAB for the feature or merge with current MIAB?

This could be $500-$2000 easily unfortunately for this kind of work. Feel free to PM if you are looking for something and we can work out more in depth details if you like. :slight_smile:

It would need to be an isolated interface that runs independently of MIAB, and interacts with the framework that MIAB also interacts with.

That’s the only way to somehow protect it from being hoses through every MIAB upgrade.

Some of these feature requests (like independent administration of domain accounts without ‘all access’) are almost explicitly needed for any sort of installation that serves multiple domains.

Which leads to the next issue / question / concern - if/will Josh implement this feature at some point and thus render this effort null and void?

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