Address extensions not working (

Address extensions not working ( was forced closed so I can’t add to that.

I tried a completely clean install and narrowed down what happened.

We changed recipient_delimiter in /etc/postfix/ from + to - (because that’s what was on the old mail server). This worked for earlier versions of mailinabox.

After a recent upgrade it stopped working and even changing back to + for testing did not work.
Changing to both ± (which is valid on the version of postfix mailinabox uses) doesn’t work either.

On the clean install + works but - does not.

It turns out that it worked for aliases but not mail email addresses, due to the way postfix & dovecot lmtp interact.

In /etc/dovecot/15-lda-conf, did you see a line commented out that configured it to use -?

Yes. It required a reboot after the change (just restarting dovecot didn’t work) but that solved the issue.

So there must have been a recent update to that file by an MiaB update. The script does not replace files and instead kindly inserts a # in front of lines that should not be there.

You will have to check this line after every update of MiaB.

I’d been migrating a second domain from my old server to box, so it’s possible I’d switched some users to accounts rather than aliases, which could be why it stopped working. I didn’t log every change though, so that’s speculation.

I have it scripted now, so I can patch easily after an update.

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