Additional domains for mail only

At one stage I did have everything working OK but I started having issues last month and have upgraded to the latest version.

I have a dedicated public IP which points to my miab. The domain is hosted by namecheap and seems to be working as expected. the only error that shows in the status page is mta-sts on the subdomain box.domain. Emails ingoing and outgoing seem ok except to gmail.

I also have another dedicated public IP which points to another domain name, again hosted by name cheap, which is direct to my webserver which is serving my my nextcloud and rainloop webmail. I have added an email address to miab, all status’ are green and again I can send and receive mail ok (apart from sending to gmail). The issue is now that I can no longer access my sites. webmail.domain & nextcloud.domain. I have added a custom DNS to point to the correct IP for the web hosting server.

What am I missing? probably something simple.

In namecheap, all domains are pointed to the miab name servers.

Thanks in advance

Is it possible there is a TTL issue? If you go to, it doesn’t cache any information so always shows the live settings of a DNS server so you can use it to see what MiaB is responding with right now.

It doesn’t find anything for either sub domains but continues to the main domain which comes back with & and shows the correct ip associated with them but then in the right hand column says it failed to resolve both nameservers.

It sounds like your DNS is not properly configured. What does MiaB report in the dashboard?

Status check shows every green under that domain name, under miab domain, all green, box.miab domain all green except the mta-sts which shows as missing policy.