Additional A record problem

I followed all the install instructions and all went well. However, I wanted to create a custom A record called but I can only have Did I do something wrong during the installation?

It’s been a while since I did a fresh install of MiaB.

When you navigate to the Custom DNS page, the drop-down box does not offer the target domain without the box subdomain?

Yes, that’s correct.


Try this:

Navigate to the Aliases page and create the following alias: and have it forward to (the email address you set up during install, IIRC).

Then check if is available in Custom DNS.

postmaster@ is one of the ‘special’ admin email addresses, so I would avoid using it specifically. However the premise is valid OP, create an alias such as

IIRC, MiaB does not set up, where is the domain of the installation for I have several services I use where they provide a drop-down box to select an email address for confirmation, and is always one of the options while is never one of the options, so I tend to set this up almost right from after configuring a mail server.

Also, I vaguely recall that some of blacklists require this address as the address for confirmation for removal from their lists.

If you don’t want to set up that address, you can use something else, but IMHO it should be configured.

Oddly, I have never experienced the behavior that you are describing.


That is very odd. I do not have those records. The only record I have for is and I have the delete option available, which I believe indicates I created the record.

Normally, when you add an email user or alias for a new domain, these three are created automagically.

Now this is the last domain in my list and it brings up another off-topic question for @joshdata. Why is hostmaster@ listed but not created by MiaB?

@TimK to better get an idea of what went wrong will you please share a screen cap of your admin status page? PM is fine if you wish to maintain privacy.

We are pretty for off-topic for this thread, but I do have those entries for the rest of my domains, just not the domain for the installation.

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@alento I would if I know how to send a PM :rofl:

So this drop down menu does not show your root domain? It instead shows box.domain.tld in the menu where mine shows ?

It does now. I trashed the VPS and started again but maybe you could confirm if my screen shots I PM’d you look right?
The status page gives me the following domain entries

Does MIAB display domains/sub domains as separate entities?

My server name is

Sorry for what might stupid question but I’m a noob :rofl:


The screen shot looked perfect except for the unrelated issue I PM’ed you about.

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