Adding tracking functionality

Is there a way to track if email is opened, Delivered?

Delivered and opened receipts are client-based, not server based, I believe. Meaning, if my client sends the request for a receipt and the receiving client honors the request, receipts get sent.

Hrm, after looking at this (and testing it on my MIAB instance), I was apparently half right.

Delivery receipts are requested via the sending client, the mail server responds to it with a reply sourced from MAILER-DAEMON.

Read receipts are requested via the sending client and provided by the receiving client.

How about Email pixel tracking tracks opens, clicks, and other activity for emails?

I understand this is not the objective of MIAB. I would like to know if this is possible in any way?

Email tracking techniques using images or other methods are implemented outside of the email servers (at least the ones we are using). You can do this with some email clients like Mailspring and I think Outlook has plugins for this.

Watch your GDPR compliance with stuff like this.
Personally I wouldn’t take it well and would serve you with GDPR compliance request and a report to the Information Commissioner, if I wasn’t happy with your reply or failure to reply within 30 days.

@jrsupplee are you using saleshandy for outlook tracking?

No, I’m currently trying out Mailspring, but would not recommend it at this point as it is still a bit buggy