Adding multiple domains in different hosting packages


I installed the box and it works really well now for my first website which doesn’t contain any real web sites at all.

but i would like to add some other domains which are registered on name cheap and hosted by digital ocean on a different droplet with other ip’s and there are some web sites running on different VPS. how can i add these domains to the box?

i have read all the articles on the forum but couldn’t figure it out.

Thanks for you help!


First you should set up the domains as if you don’t have a website. Go through the “Nameservers” part of the setup guide for each additional domain. Then just add email addresses to the box from the admin.

To get the website working, you’ll have to follow the Custom DNS instructions in the admin to set a custom “A” record to set the IP address of your other webserver for each of your domains, e.g.:

curl -d "" --user {email}:{password} https://box/admin/dns/set/