Adding imapproxy to improve performance of webmail client

I came accross this statement in Debian:
IMAP Proxy was written to compensate for webmail clients that are unable to maintain persistent connections to an IMAP server. Most webmail clients need to log in to an IMAP server for nearly every single transaction. This behaviour can cause tragic performance problems on the IMAP server.

If this statement is true, why is Mail-in-a-Box not including this function in its deployment?


Well, the simple answer is that no-one did the work to include it :wink:

To elaborate a bit on that:

  • Are you having issues with IMAP performance? I wonder how many MiaB deployments are out there that are stretching the capacity of the Dovecot software on modern hardware.
  • Imapproxy seems to be unmaintained. The latest upstream release is from 2017, and the home page is not reachable.
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I agree to your concerns.
On the one hand side, the use-case for imapproxy to improve performance of webmail client makes sense.
On the other hand side, imapproxy is not maintained anymore.

However I would like to address this question:
How can I modify imap port in Roundcube’s webmail configuration?

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