Adding Cloudflare CDN to a website using MIAB as its mail server


So we have MIAB on a dedicated VPS and our website on another VPS. The nameservers from the domain registrar point to From MIAB, the external DNS points to

Now, trying to use Cloudflare CDN for our website, it asks to change the name servers at our registrar, from ns1 and to Cloudflare nameservers.

Is it the way to go or will it break the somewhat mysterious chain of NS/DNS?

I couldn’t find a topic talking about this specific setup. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

Hi Pedro,

You will need to convert to what MiaB calls “External DNS”.

To do so, enter all of the applicable records found on the ‘External DNS’ page of the admin area to the DNS service at Cloudflare and change your name servers with your domain registrar to the Cloudflare name servers. You SHOULD have little to no interruption in services doing this - but you may experience some. It can take up to 48 hours for this change to propagate completely.

I would like to know, does Cloudflare actually let you add MX records?

If they do not then their DNS would be absolutely worthless … so they must.

I’m in the process of doing it and I just have a question regarding the SSHFP. The fingerprint part in MIAB is put between parenthesis, like this:


Should I include these parenthesis in my Cloudflare DNS? Or should I write it without: