Adding additional nameservers beyond the first two

I currently have two NS for my MAIB and per traditional setup.

I’m going to be offering DNS service to a new client, and I’d prefer to use a different domain so that I have something like or Then server the host records from my MAIB with the client’s registrar pointing to those two nameservers.

Is this possible with MIAB?

If you mean you want to add more name server records for MiaB to respond with, I’m not sure how to do that. I think will be somewhere in the nsd configuration, plus there are other services to configure, such as nginx, cert provisioning, etc.

If you mean you want some servers some other place to be secondary servers to MiaB, there are instructions toward the bottom of the ‘External DNS’ page.

Add more name server records for MiaB to respond. I would want something like like these:

But all nameservers would be for the same server.

You will need to add Secondary DNS to your Mail-in-a-Box installation with a Secondary DNS provider that offers white listing.

Secondary DNS providers who offer whitelisting are limited to paid providers. I have not found one that would be free.

See my article on Secondary DNS for more information:

Why ??? Normally you’d have:

What is your reasoning for wanting DNS servers on different DOMAINS? I am not saying that it cannot be done - as it can, but it is very unusual and rare.

Because I want my clients to use nameservers with a different branding.

Fair enough. To do it though with MiaB you will ALWAYS have errors in DNS if anyone looks at your DNS with any kind of DNS analytical tools. Maybe.

If you do it as in your example:

You’ll actually be fine. However, what is the point? The clients will still be seeing the which is USUALLY what is wanted to be avoided in this circumstance. What am I missing here?

If you have your clients just use the following as your name servers, the issue I just mentioned will appear.


ns1.whatever.tld (optional)

With 4 different domains ???

This is what I’m really looking for: would be the nameservers I’d prefer clients to use.

So the clients will list the name servers with their domain registrar as


And why not just as

too look more “normal” ?

That is absolutely correct.

Ok, so to accomplish this you need to find a company which will offer you Secondary DNS services using a ‘custom’ or ‘white label’ domain.

I usually run my own, so I do not have much experience with who offers such other than ClouDNS. Their “Premium S” service at $2.95 per month should be sufficient.

Follow the guide for Secondary DNS that has been linked earlier in this thread, except use instead of the example I used with

When done, as I mentioned, anyone using tools such as BuddyNS Delegation Lab, or LeafDNS will see errors. The errors that they will see will not affect your DNS. Though technically, your DNS setup is incorrect.

Your MiaB will act as a ‘hidden master’ DNS server. The two name servers, ns3 and ns4 will be your authoritative DNS servers as they will be the only ones listed at the domain registrar.

DNS checking sites will complain because your zone file will show that there are 3 authoritative name servers, but your registrar states that there are only the two. Your only solution for this is not NOT use MiaB for DNS - use external DNS completely. Which may or may not be preferable.

Good luck!

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Excellent! Thank you so much! It seems like its PITA, but I feel it might be worth it.

Not using MiaB as my DNS is also a good consideration to reduce single-point failures.

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Well simply using Secondary DNS will mostly eliminate that issue. :slight_smile:

I was just looking at Cloudns and they have up to 8 locations to choose from, so if you use 4 you will be in a great position.