Adding Additional Domains

I’m new working with MIAB. This question has probably been asked many times but a quick search on this board did not answer my question. I’m setting up a additional domain to my MIAB server. When i added the ns1 and ns2 to my name servers on my domain everything started to point to the MIAB server. So my web site went off line. I undid all the chanfers and now the status page on the MIAB is telling me that domain should be pointing to the MIAB box.
How should i setup my domain?

Assuming that your web site is hosted on a different server somewhere and that domain’s DNS is handled elsewhere as well:

  • Add a new mail user for the additional domain.
  • Copy the entries in System>External DNS for that domain to your DNS.

That is it! Once DNS propagates you are good to go. Do note, that you want to ignore the A record in the second step as your web server is being hosted elsewhere.

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