Added my own DKIM via SSH to my MIAB SMTP - need help getting DKIM to work

HI I need some advice

I know that MIAB creates its own DKIM after installation everything is done BUT i went ahead
Added my own DKIM via SSH to my MIAB SMTP (Replaced the old keys with the new one)

basically a DKIM generator tool. I followed an advice from a friend who set up my first MIAB 4 mths ago which is working great.

However this is my second server but my first attempt at doing it on my own.

But now im having issues

After i replaced the DKIM keys in my MIAB installation via SSH do i still use

The DKIM External DNS records found in

mysite/admin > System>External DNS the 2 DKIM records.

Sorry I’m a little confused here, this is my first attempt ever setting up MIAB

Appreciate any advice!

Is your domain NS server set to your new mailinabox set up?

If you “screw up”, just run the mailinabox set up again. There is no need to set up DKIM your own, it’s auto set up.

I would not recommend you to edit / customise anything regardless of what your friend says.

Mail in a box, works out of the box (hmm… ) very well without any modifications. That’s the whole motivation behind miab.


I agree with @daveteu in that there is no reason to add your own custom keys.

That is counter to the intent of the Mail-in-a-Box project.

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Thanks, I was just really new and had no idea that this was the case. Moving forward I’ll just use the default settings for future SMTPS im building.

But for now in my case, should I do a fresh install again OR is there a way to do it without a fresh install?

Thanks so much

running the mailinabox setup command again will reinstall mailinabox, and overwrite modified files, but it’s not a “fresh” install because your user data will all be preserved.

Unless you have any important file modifications you need to keep, running sudo mailinabox is safe.

Thanks a bunch!

I’ll do that