MIAB has many things out of the box like Nextcloud and Roundcube. What do you think to add an URL shortener like YOURLS?

For the most part, MIAB is designed to run by itself on a server. It’s possible you could run YOURLS on the same box, but it would be considered an unsupported modification.

At a minimum you’d need to use a modified nginx configuration to support both apps, as well as two separate databases running (MIAB runs sqlite, YOURLS prefers MySQL).

TL;DR Can it be done? Yes, but you’ll be making unsupported mods to the box.

IF you’re talking about integrating it into the MIAB code, I don’t see a lot of use for that at all, as the functions of the two apps are not intertwined, unlike that of Nextcloud (Contact management) and Roundcube (Email client)

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There are many things that might be interesting for a part of the userbase, but Nextcloud is as far as MIAB should go with additional software in my opinion. Every other piece is going to add more complexity and attack-surface to the boxes with each of them only benefitting another small usergroup.

Installing mariadb and dropping some extra site into nginx’ and php-fpm’s directories shouldn’t be that hard and should be your unsupported way to go if you need it on the same server. I recommend having some small webhosting on another server instead. You can point some A/AAAA records there to still use your domain while having your MIAB nice and clean, like it should be. It also enables you to tinker more with your websites while keeping your mailserver stable.

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