Add support for nextcloud Talk

I just saw that nextcloud release their chat/video/audio call extension and was wondering how hard it would be to install that in a MIAB installation without breaking things? maybe even make it an optional part of the installation

Since that app is specific to NextCloud it should work fine.

Enable your admin account using the script in the tools directory, and then install it.

IDK what dependencies it has, but worth noting that it should work without destroying the box.

Thanks. that is great info. I will see if I can get the admin panel enabled.

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Have you succeeded? I see it requires NextCloud 13 (RC1 now). I had Spreed running after a lot of config editing and installation of a Turn server, but would also prefer to just have a pre-packaged app for NextCloud, as it won’t interfere with MiB configs. I hope we can update to NextCloud 13 soon after it is released.

installed the nextcloud package and that seems to work. I tried to connect the mobile talk app but that I could not get to work. I also tried fiddling with the spreed package but never really got it running correctly

Does the talk server app require 3rd party software? Like an ICE server, or XMPP Server or VoIP server?

I just installed the plugin and a new icon appeared in the top bar in nextcloud. In there you can start a videocall with other users on the server - that works without any stuff.

But you don’t have audio, video and chat integrated in one app? I believe we’ll have to have Nextcloud 13 for that.

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