Add support for newer versions of Ubuntu

Some cloud providers are starting to drop Ubuntu 14 as an option for new instances… Please consider adding support for Ubuntu 16 or 18

Yeah, been following that issue myself. I understand there’s a lot of work involved, but just had to move hosting providers as had an issue with my 14.04 instance and couldn’t re-image or create a new instance as they’ve stopped the ability to use 14.04 from their panel.

Managed to restore a backup on a Digital Ocean droplet, but how soon till they remove that as well?

If you need mail server and cannot wait for MIAB to be ready for ubuntu 16/18, try mailcow - it is a docker container mail server so it can run on virtually any docker-compatible system.

I ended up with a vps from OVH at €2,99/month

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Thanks! Actually implemented this before with a service I used to work at, prior to their migration to docker. Just used to using MIAB, but I will consider this.

The main thing stopping me from switching to that is not being entirely clued up in Docker. I can pull a container, upgrade an existing container and all that, but should probably play around a bit more.

mailcow is 100% in docker afaik. (Minus user data, which is in volumes stored on host.) It’s easy to migrate to as well as mailcow has a tool to pull IMAP accounts from other servers.

That being said, this forum isnt for mailcow so I’ll leave it as that.

Not to keep this discussion about another product going but I also had to move to mailcow due to needing a newer LTS distro :frowning:
I don’t like docker and I vastly prefer Mailinabox. I hope newer distros will be supported soon!

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Docker is awesome though! MIAB needs docker support! That would clear all these issues.

Docker is fine and all but I’d rather this model as it doesn’t rely on a single package to work. Also,

I’ve never once had to login to anything to use docker. Not the daemon, or the site.

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