Add SMTP and/or IMAP details for specific Identities

I would like to request a feature for the ability to add separate SMTP settings for other identities.

I have a gmail account that I’d like to send as that identity from within Roundcube. I see that there is a Roundcube plugin called SMTP per Identity. But I understand that MIAB purges customizations like this on updates. Furthermore, gmail doesn’t seem to accept the authentication with ssl or tls and marks my sending attempts as suspicious.

My use case is as follows: I currently have my gmail account that I share with my partner for house-hold correspondence with friends, family and vendors. I have the address forwarding to my fancy new maib account, but I am not able to reply as my email address. I’d like to have all my email managed in Roundcube since it’s so fast and reliable. SMTP Error: (534) Authentication failed.

Any thoughts to this feature request, or suggestions to overcome this obstacle?

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