Add second domain


Where in the portal interace can I add receving from another email/domain?

I am working in the catch all addresses first, I don’t understand this warning though in the docs.

“Only forward mail to addresses handled by this Mail-in-a-Box, since mail forwarded by aliases to other domains may be rejected or filtered by the receiver. To forward mail to other domains, create a mail user and then log into webmail for the user and create a filter rule to forward mail.”

Getting this error

2021-04-22 Webmail __ Compose - Brave


Nevermind, got this all sorted out, thanks!

Simply add a new email user … the new domain will automatically be set up. You will have to take one of two steps for DNS though.

If the domain is using external DNS, you’ll need to copy the necessary records to the DNS settings in use. If the domain will use MiaB to handle it’s DNS, you will need to change the name servers at the domain registrar.

Just answering for anyone who may come along and read this thread.

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