Add second domain, I dont understand what I am doing wrong

Hi I have searched the forum and I have not understood why my setup dont work.

I have set up my Mail-in-a-box server with domain1
I have tested server , done all configuration an added all external DNS setting listed (uses Cloudflare as DNS)
All works fine , my first email account also. !! :smiley:

I have now added second emailadress: to my MIAB

I see a lot of configurations in MIAB admin I need to add to Cloudflare to make domain2 email work.
(DO I realt need to add them all to make email pass through as secure? )
I added all and it dont work.

1 question:
Why is A record for my domain pointed to email server? My webtracik should go to another server.

I have added the setting in Cloudflare DNS

Should my email client be pointed to domain1 or domain2 ?

I have tried both variations and I can’t make it work.

I thought basic setup in dns was to point mx record of domain1 domain2 10
Then all email would go to right email MIAB server.

Because MiaB is not smart enough to know that you are hosting a web server elsewhere. You need to tell it that you are hosting a website by adding the information to the Custom DNS page where it will be propagated to the External DNS settings for you to use at CF.

There are 4 records that are must have’s. Each record shown in External DNS has an explanation of what it is and if it is required, optional, suggested, etc.

Your email client should be directed to the hostname of your MiaB installation.

The MX record is the hostname of the MiaB server hosting your email.

Are you saying that you have 2 MiaB servers?

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