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What’s up everyone, I just successfully setup my MIAB after two full days of grind and troubleshooting and im loving it. Everything seems to be fine except that I can’t figure out how to add a profile picture to my webmail account so that when users receive an email from me it displays for them next to myname.

Is this even possible?
Thank you!

Not sure if what you are describing here is possible. This isn’t Gmail :slight_smile:

Identities can be setup here:


Might need to re-copy and paste it back in after your logged into Roundcube.

What you’re describing is called BIMI and it is implemented and supported by only a few email providers.

and this can be added to MIAB? Sorry I’m not completely following

In short, no you cannot do that. The pic in mail appears only if the contact has your profile picture.

Some email client like Spark (and maybe others) have their own database of photos from social media sites (and now probably BIMI) via Clearbit, to display to users if photos do not exist in their contact.

If you want your to have picture displayed, you need to opt to set up BIMI. It will appear for all emails sent for that particular domain, not for specific user.

I had it set up for one of my domains and so far it did show up in gmail, and outlook.

thanks for the reply, in the original link alento sent it showed that i need to purchase a VMC certificate file. Upon doing more research I saw that it costs over a grand lol, is this what you did? Or is there a more sensible way to do this.

I added the BIMI records without VMC.

According to All about BIMI - BIMI Group

  • Publish a BIMI record for your domain in DNS which:
    • points to the logo indicator in SVG format to be used, and/or
    • a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) for those receivers that require it.

So far my logo shows up, so I think probably it’s not required by all vendors at the moment?

You may have to spend a bit more time getting your SVG into BIMI specification, I can’t remember how I did it but i took sometime looking up.

thank you so much for this info. Would you happen to know off the top of your head which vendors didn’t require it and let it show up anyway? google and outlook are the main ones I want to show for people.

Even gmail and outlooks is of no guarantee.

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