Add new sub domain


Hi All,
I have attempted to create new subdomain by creating a new email address
The email address has been created and added the control panel.
But only the email components has been created. E.g domains email, postmaster contact and the domain check at spamhaus.
No www was created?
Have I missed something?




www. in itself is a subdomain. so no need to create it when using a subdomain in an email… Unless what you are actually talking about is webhosting (like the scripts didn’t make a new www/html folder under user-data for example)


Hi I have created the subdomain.
But the system status page it reports the mx-record is not set which doesn’t worry me as its not going to be used for email.
But the status page also reports the A record is not set - domain should resolve to ip address. In the custom dns page the correct record has been assigned. As I will use this serve pages.
I haven’t restarted the box yet.
The scripts created the correct folder under user-data.
And the ssl cert can’t be applied as the dns is not resolving.
Where can I check the status of the dns from the command line?




Are you wanting the subdomain ? If so, you need to add that to the Custom DNS page.

You can check DNS with:
nslookup OR
however you need to do so from a DIFFERENT machine. Doing so on your MiaB server will cause the lookup to happen locally, which is not what you want.


You could try DIG: look up DNS domain IP address info web service.


Hi Just4t,
I was actually after the path in the server that bind uses so I can check the domain files.




Hi alento,
The entry is in the custom dns page already.
I think the server may not have written the actual change to the config files.
I’ll restart the server and check again.




I have checked the zone files on the server \etc\nsd\zones
The entry is listed in the file.
I have restarted the server also.
The status page is still reporting the a record is missing.
How does one remove a sub domain?




Delete all users and aliases using said subdomain.

If you want to, feel free to PM me the hostname and the subdomain - maybe a second pair of eyes may help.


Hi All,
something strange is happening.
I removed my existing subdomain by archiving the user.
Removed the custom dns A record entry.
Checked the subdomain was removed from web config page and status pages.
Created a new subdomain. Domain was created. Checked the status page.
Subdomain on the status page - lists the domain currently resolves to [not set] in public dns.
Web page shows the directory structure exists, certificate are ready to be applied but can’t as the dns has issues.
I added an A record in custom dns for the subdomain, but the status pages still shows the dns as not set.
It should like the dns section of the not adding the A record which the other sections use.
Any idea’s?




Hi All,
I just checked zone file under /etc/nsd and the A record is listed as is the mx record.
How can one restart the dns service? I’m not sure what nsd is as it seems to hold the dns config yet bind is empty?
I failed to check the serial number of the zone file before adding so many the config is being fully updated or reread after the update.



sudo service nsd restart

nsd is the authoritative name server - the one that answers requests from the internet concerning the domains that it is listed as the name server for.

Bind is the name server that MiaB uses for lookups. It should not have any zones related to your domain as it is not serving them.

I understand WHAT you are saying, but it does not make sense … care to copy/paste that line here?


Hi Alento,
Sorry about the delayed reply, its been a crazy week.
Anyway I have restarted the nsd service and still having the same issue.
Here is the line from the nsd zone file.
wiki IN A
So system has added it into the config file.
I thought it may have been blocked by my router, but as its pointing back at the miab server that should be an issue, and port 53 is allowed through.
I don’t have to add an entry at the registrar level do I?



I am seeing the subdomain wiki pointing it’s A record to IP, that is not a MX record entry…

No, your DNS is handled by the box, so all entries are either handled by the MiaB management daemon itself, or by editing Custom DNS.

Now this is what I am seeing at this moment. Your domain’s glue records are set. WHOIS is showing your MiaB to be your name servers. Your name servers are serving your domain correctly, however I am not seeing an entry for the subdomain wiki.
Where are you planning to host the subdomain wiki? On another server, or on the same server as MiaB?

Stop the presses: Remove your DNSSEC entry from your domain registrar. Your zone records are not being propagated because DNSSEC is failing. Remove it completely. Once things are working properly you can add it back on (using the correct keys) again if you wish to have your domain use DNSSEC.


Hi Alento,
There is a mx record for the sub domain
wiki IN MX 10
But there is no dnssec entries at the registrar level.