Add "Install to Desktop" option for webmail

With webmail working really well (I’m on 0.58, not 0.60), I see no reason to use native mail client apps, rather would just use webmail. Does all I need it to do.

However, for the sake of easier access, would be nice to have option to “Install to Desktop”. For example, has such option.

Having an icon on my apps bar (I’m on Ubuntu) and running webmail without address bar (so it appears as if it’s a native app, and not a browser window) can be a nice touch. And would work on mobile and tablets as well.

This would be a function of your device, not MiaB. It is already supported by Windows as an example, and most likely all OS’s support this …

For example:

Actually there is JavaScript that can be added that can provide visual option to user “Click here to install”. An example is When you open it, it checks if you have installed it on desktop, and if not, will show a popup “Install” (inside web page). Very convenient and user friendly.

Placing icon on desktop is not what I was referring to. There is some coding required for a web page to provide above described experience.

You can check and you will see there is an additional option “Install” - after “installing on desktop” and running it from the icon, you will see that it starts without address bar, and has appearance of native app.

Perhaps you mean something like this? However, that is still in proof of concept phase.

Exactly - to be a progressive web app (PWA) - this would mean having third party mail software (like Mail, Thunderbird etc) would not be the only option for “non browser experience”. Just install it as pwa. With properly set worker and manifest, you can have all of the front-end installed into local storage.

Then please code this functionality and add a pull request on the project’s Github. If the project maintainer is convinced that it does not interfere with the rest of the project, then it may well be included in a future release.

However, please note that the maintainer is not going to develop this. Hence the need for you to add a pull request once you’ve developed the code,


Ok understood. Didn’t know we can freely add stuff and submit pull requests. Will give it a shot.

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