Add features to Administrator page

I’m trying to find directory location of the PHP administrator page on my Server.
I need to add some features such as the ability to open the ‘Roundcube’ mail UI with filled username and password.

With screenshots you will get better understanding.

This feature is required from me for someone who has private business.

Therefore I think it’s also good idea to be added to MailInABox templates.

It isn’t possible to pre-fill a password field. Passwords are stored hashed, so they cannot be extracted from the database.

Thanks Josh,

I have noticed that. So it’s ok to fill the username only.
Can you please tell me where can I find the Administrator page on the Server?
I searched a lot, but no result.

Thanks in Advanced

The MiaB admin panel is the one you provided a screenshot from, so it isn’t clear what you are looking for?

Hello Openletter,

I mean to add the ability for an Administrator to click on any user on listed users then be redirected to Roundcube page but with filled username (which is clicked on).

All I need is directory location of MiaB on the server.

I think that you should review the source code instead. Not all things MiaB work as one would expect them to - by design.

It’s better to create new pull request on GitHub for what I want :slight_smile:

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