Add Domains to MAIB for sites already hosted

Hi there I just got MIAB set up on its own domain is is working perfectly
Now i need to add domains that have sites on them to Maib but I have been fighting with this for over 6 hours now. I have read similar questions but the answers are vague and did not help

Can someone please point me in the right direction or kindly list the step on how to effectively add a domain to MAIL in a box that has an e-commerce site already working in it. pointing the domain to MAIB dns - this does not work as i loose my website.

A guide should to be done for this as there are many people with this issue no concrete answer

Please someone help



There are two ways to do this.

The recommended way is the one you began:

  1. At your domain name registrar, change the domain’s nameservers to ns1. + your box hostname and ns2. + your box hostname. (You did that.) Note that this is not glue records or DNS records.
  2. Use the Custom DNS page of the Mail-in-a-Box control panel at https://yourboxhostname/admin to set the appropriate DNS records to point the domain back to your web hosting provider. Your web hosting provider should have instructions for that. It typically involves A (and possibly AAAA) and/or CNAME records. In a simple setup you add an A record with the IP address of your web server, but you should check with your provider. You probably already did this when you set up your website originally — it would be the same instructions, but now your Mail-in-a-Box is where your DNS control panel is.

The second method is what we call “external DNS”:

  1. You leave your nameserver settings for the domain as they are — i.e., you already have a DNS server / control panel. It’s often provided by the domain name registrar.
  2. Copy in DNS records for Mail-in-a-Box by referring to the External DNS page of the Mail-in-a-Box control panel. You will need to decide which records you need and keep them updated if they potentially change, and some DNS control panels have trouble with some of our records. DNSSEC is also not supported this way.


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JoshData thank you so much for your response clear and precise I really appreciate it.
Once again thank you

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