Add DNS Records onto a MIAB Server for My Active Website at


My domain has its own server; e.g., My Mail in a Box has its own server and IP address.

I have set up all traffic to go to the Mail in a Box server. How do I get web traffic to my second server/domain?

Per Digital Ocean

If you do have an active website at your domain, make sure to set up the appropriate additional DNS records on your Mail-in-a-Box server. Otherwise, your domain won’t resolve to your website.

Per a MIAB poster:
_“If you are looking at doing wordpress or nextcloud, do it on another server and either forward or use a subdomain to host it (I actually do both). You can configure this of course in the DNS panel in MIAB if you have MIAB set to manage your dns, rather than your registrar.”

Per a Digital Ocean poster (no answer given):

karlingen August 27, 2015
Um, HOW can I do this? I have setup my MIAB box and where do I go from here.
I can access my admin panel at but I need and to point to my other digitalocean droplet.

Per Timofejew, Adventures in emailing
01 OCTOBER 2015 on Sysadmin, FOSS

"Mail-in-a-Box has a mechanism for allowing an external DNS system to work with it. Simply go to the ‘External DNS’ menu entry under ‘System’, and cut-n-paste all the values to the Digital Ocean DNS panel. But there are a couple of things to note:

_When creating records for hosts within, do not copy over the FQDN from the Mail-in-a-Box page. Just use everything to the left of (e.g., enter _dmarc instead of or _dmarc.mail instead of
Only one MX record is allowed for a domain, whereas Mail-in-a-Box expects to be able to set an MX record for each host. The upshot of this is that the SPF records for each host need to be modified to use an a:hostname nomenclature. For example, the TXT record for must be set to v=spf1 -all instead of v=spf1 mx -all.
Once those tweaks are done, the DO DNS will function as a substitute for the built-in DNS (with one major exception: there is no DNSSEC support - but I’m not concerned about that at this point in time - maybe in a couple of years)."

Here is a screenshot of my current setup for

Digital Ocean domain records for