Add another domain without changing Nameservers


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Anyway here is my issue detail:

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If you are using the box for DNS, I think any other domain has to use the box’s DNS too. Or else, you have to use External DNS in which either the first domain and any other domain can use name servers you want.

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Should I change A record ?
I think it’s possible without changing A record in AWS workmail or others.
Because A record already points to other server, so I can’t change it.

As long as you are not serving a website or not accessing webmail for that host, you can leave it.

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So mandatory thing is only MX record. right?
THank you

In your box’s admin interface, go to System >> Status Checks, and you will see what you need to add or not. System >> Custom DNS, also has all DNS records and see there what is required, recommended or optional.

Actually it would be System >> External DNS.

@Lovecodign I see now that you did start another topic, good.

To answer your question you need the MX, DKIM, and TXT-SPF records. The TXT-DMARC record is optional. As far as the A record, do you have a website hosted elsewhere? If so you need to point it there. If not, point it at the MiaB’s IP.

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