Add a Domain postgrey


How can i add a domain to be white listed so that email are not grey listed.

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You may find more detailed guidance among the posts on this site, however, briefly:

Add the relevant sending domain(s) to your /etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients.local

Example syntax:

Then restart postgrey service.

This works with 5x MIAB, I haven’t tried with 6x but I expect the postgrey file is in the same place.

Trust this helps.

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Thank you for the response.

I have version 61.1 and it does not seem to have the service postgery available.

Is there any other options

I believe postgrey is still part of 61.1. It is mentioned as still being a feature per the Readme document. I’m still on v57 so can’t check my own install.

The database has been moved according to the change log.

Moved Postgrey’s database under $STORAGE_ROOT

Did you create a whitelist_clients.local file? This will not be present on installation you have to add it and it should persist between reboots.