ActiveSync doesn't push to iPhone

My first post here. First off, wanted to say Thanks for the great project. I wish I had found this sooner. I’ve built my own email server back in 2016 through long tutorials, with all the same tools that this project uses. Except it took me 2-3 days then, versus a few hours here; and support was also a PITA at times.

I’ve created a new MIAB instance in Azure and migrated my old email domain, and created a new one, So, I’ve got two hosted on a single MIAB now. I’m using SendGrid for email relay (it offers 25K free emails per month, plenty), and I don’t have issues with email delivery to any of the big email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

I’ve never played with DNSSEC in the past, and will try to set that up as well. If anyone has a good tutorial, feel free to share.

My current “issue” is with ActiveSync. I’ve used it before with my old setup and use it with MIAB as well. Setup works fine, I’m able to access emails and sync with no issues. The only problem is it doesn’t seem to “push” emails. When I get an email I need to open by iPhone and go to the Mail app for it to sync. It feels like it’s doing “Fetch” instead of push. If I give it 30 min or more it would eventually notify me of the new email. I have push enabled in the settings. In my old setup I would get email on my phone before my computer had time to sync with IMAP, it was fast.

Any ideas?


Never mind on the DNSSEC setup. :slight_smile: I figured it out from the System Status page.

Curious…why are you using SendGrid? What’s the advantage (for you or in general) for doing this?

It allows for much more reliable delivery of the email. I’ve not had my emails go into Spam folders (at least yet!) for the major email providers.

Actually in case of Azure that’s the only official solution. The free subscription tier has in/outbound port 25 blocked.