ActiveSync absolutely unusable!?

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I read the warning that ActiveSync might work not properly etc. but I didn’t know what real dimensions those bugs have. I mean when I setup 4 mail accounts on just one device with nearly no mails (overall about 10), absolutely nothing worked how it should to! (I also tried to reduce the sync time to 1 month.)

On my iPhone the mail app tried all the time connecting to the server to collect my mails (only 1 in that case!) and after some minutes(!) when it was done, that mail with only “test” subject and “test” text could not be loaded from the server. In the mean time I couldn’t even reach my Roundcube webmail: 404, 502 error or similar.

Is ActiveSync really that bad implemented in MiaB or only I have such troubles? I mean it was one of the features I was happy to get with my own mail server.
Is something planed to improve ActiveSync in the future?

ActiveSync and Apple products have never really been that good to begin with (z-push is a SEPARATE project from MIAB).

That being said, MIAB supports IMAP over PuSH. Which works very similar to ActiveSync. I would move to IMAP if possible!


I’ve had trouble with z-push in MIAB as well. It’s a shame because in my previous job we used z-push to sync our iPhones, androids and even in Outlook on Windows with the Kopano Outlook Extension and it worked absolutely perfectly. However, we were using z-push on a Kopano Groupware server (previously called Zarafa) with Kopano’s own z-push backend. I suspect the other backends (including the ‘combined’ backend which I assume is used by MIAB) are not nearly as refined as Kopano’s own backend (not surprising as they developed z-push initially for use with their own groupware stack). Either that or it just isn’t configured properly in MIAB - I’m not technical enough to know which!

It’s a shame because z-push is what led me to try MIAB in the first place - the fact that you can set up one account on iOS (or other devices) and have mail, contacts, tasks, calendars and notes all synced up with near instant push on Apple’s default mail app on iOS (which I love). As I said, it worked perfectly for us. Unfortunately, it just isn’t reliable on MIAB (at least on iOS) - I’ve had numerous problems with it. And MIAB’s push IMAP does NOT work on Apple’s native mail app on iOS because Apple doesn’t support IDLE etc on their app!


Oh well.

I use Edison for my email app on my iPhone, supports push, is free, and is trusted so far from what I have seen.

As for contacts and calendar I just used the iOS autoconfig xml. CalDAV & CardDAV work great in iOS.

I’ve just downloaded Edison - I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

I also have found CalDAV and CardDAV work fine.

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Hmm, I don’t know… At the first look Edison seems to be great, but if you dig a little bit deeper you’ll find the following statements in their privacy commitments:

We store as little of your email on our servers as possible […]

To make our services as useful as possible we collect certain personal information, including a small sample of your email messages […]

Sorry, but that’s unacceptable for me. I’d like to use MiaB to share as less as possible informations about my mails and personal data to third parties and so Edison seems to be explicitly the wrong one for me. Otherwise I could use a freemail provider or something like google mail further.

And I think only that’s why you get your mails pushed to your devices and it’s not about IMAP push, no?

This data allows us to deliver features like new mail notifications, shipment tracking, travel alerts and streamlined contact list management.

Do MiaB really support IMAP Push? I didn’t read about this anywhere before. That seems to be a great idea, but is doesn’t work with native apple mail, I think. Otherwise I’d get all the notifications in realtime (in the meantime I switched to IMAP).

Dovecot supports it in a limited capacity. but yes.

As for Edison - Yea that kind of policy is not for everyone, but hey it’s your email! So I respect that.

Honestly they probably keey limited copies of headers for push notifications. but it doesn;t really bother me.

When I used IMAP push I was on Android, not Apple. But Apple iMail doesn’t support push so…