Acme pfsense haproxy miab

Hey everyone, MaiB is my primary dns server for my domain ‘example.tld’. I have a couple of sites coming out of my house, with a pfsense and haproxy handling the different subdomains (i.e. git.example.tld, example.tld, ntp.example.tld). I also have servers inside that are publically available like pve1.example.tld. Everything in my house is using a wildcard crt and I have to manually input the new txt to the maib custom dns.

Now for the issue, I am trying to add/create hmac-512 key for acme on pfsense to write a new txt record to miab. I’ve added the key field and zone field to /etc/bind/named.conf, named.conf.local, named.conf.options, and every other file that was kinda empty or had other zones. Am I missing something? Is there another file that maib uses for the dns records? I appreciate any help to get pfsense to write dns txt for acme challenges.

the command I’ve used to create the key is tsig-keygen -a hmac-sha512 example.tld