Accounts for children and forwarding

Maybe someone can tell me how best to do this. I created an account for my son and an alias that acts as his typical use email address, e.g., as the account signin and as the alias that he would use. That alias also feeds to another account (e.g., that I can sign into if I feel the need to see what he is up to.

But there is of course a loophole that only just occurred to me – he can use the account email address ( instead of the alias ( and those don’t get fed into my catchall account (

Is there any way to automatically forward emails received at the non-alias email address?


No. But if you really want to monitor your kid’s inbound email simply alias both the alias and the user to an account you can read as well… the alias may send to one or many other mailboxes.

In other words, you can also alias the ‘account email address’.

Unfortunately, I think that effectively disables receiving email at That is, the emails get sent to the forward addresses only.

Nope, not at all.

Actually, you are over complicating this by creating an alias for him rather than just a mailbox.

Create the mailbox for

Create an alias for sending mail to, and You do not even need the account … it really serves no purpose.

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Thanks – will give it a try!

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