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Hi, I’m using book2us.com as my domain and holds a website on an EC2 by the domain book2us.com. Now I want to hold an mail server on another EC2 based on the tutorial saying ns1.box.book2us.com needs to point to another EC2 which holds mail-in-a-box. My domain registrar is bluehost.com but I cannot seem to reset ns1.box.book2us.com to the public IP of EC2. It says

Nameserver ns1.box.book2us.com doesn't exist and cannot be created.

This is the snapshot of system checking result on my server

The instructions are saying to following about Amazon EC2 (and AWS in general):

(Most any cloud provider will do, but not Amazon Web Services because its network is often blocked to prevent users from sending spam.)

Please first check - if you want to use AWS for MiaB - and then - we look forward for your problem :wink:


yep, sir. My other sites are held on EC2. Currently I shall hold my email server on another EC2. If it does not work well as expected after some tests, I probably will consider to move email server to DO.

Okay. For setting ns1.box.book2us.com as your nameserver, you need to get ns1.box.book2us.com resolved to some IP. Normally, you realize this with an A-Record.

In this case (name server) you do this with glue-records, which resolve ns1.box.book2us.com with your boxes IP. Because i cannot find an KB-Article in which this practice is described (for Bluehost) i think you should contact them, and ask them for setting the Glue-Records. After that, you should be able to set ns1.box.book2us.com as nameserver for box.book2us.com. Do the same for ns2.. And if you are already contacting your provider, you can also ask them for setting DS-Records (for DNSSec). See your Panel for more details (and the Public-Key).

Please give me some feedback, what the provider has told you. If you need more help, feel free to ask me :wink:

Just IMHO: I’m running a MiaB instance free of charge for almost a year now with AWS. Runs way smoother than my DO box.

The Problem is, that AWS IPs are blocked by other mailservers verry often. So your Mails could be marked as spam. That is, what @JoshData has said in his Guide :wink:

Hi, now my system checking page results in the following: please help

you Must change the Reserve DNS at AWS :wink:
And maybe add an TLS Certificate.

Here are instructions on creating a PTR record with AWS: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/reverse-dns-for-ec2s-elastic-ip-addresses/

That link was the top result from googling “aws ptr”.

You should also provision some certs from Lets Encrypt. On the MIAB menu, click System -> TLS (SSL) Certificates.

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