502 Bad Gateway at /admin/


I’ve just done an in-place upgrade from version 6 to version 10 and my /admin/ redirect has stopped working. I’m getting an immediate 502 error.

I’ve tried the advice from other topics on this issue (restarting php5-fpm, etc) and it has had no effect. From my limited understanding, nginx is being used as a proxy to provide the admin panel but whatever is serving the admin panel is down.

The only error I can find is in /var/log/nginx/error.log, reproduced below;

2015/06/21 16:35:11 [error] 3259#0: *1 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, server: box.xxx.xxx, request: “GET /admin HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “”, host: “box.xxx.xxx”

Nothing from PHP in syslog or anywhere else that I can find. Anyone have any ideas?

Check /var/log/syslog.

Ooops sorry I see you mentioned that already. In that case:

sudo service mailinabox restart