2FA in Roundcube webmail client

can you please share instructions for activating 2FA in Roundcube webmail client?
There’s an old setup guide available from 2018 and I’m not sure if the referenced plugin will work with Roundcube Webmail 1.6.5.


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That should still work, but I’ll guess you’ll have to try (and report back here :smile:)
Note that this is an unsupported modification, which means that if you break it, don’t come crying here. There is even a separate part of this forum for that. Also, on upgrade of your mailinabox, your changes will be gone.

I took a quick glance at that tutorial you linked. I would skip step 1, and do manual installation in step 2. Study the mailinabox setup scripts to see how mailinabox installs plugins and mimic that. Good luck!

Thanks for sharing this information.

I don’t think there would be an issue installing this Roundcube plugin.
However I would prefer that MiaB delivers this plugin like other Roundcube plugins, otherwise this in an iterative procedure after each MiaB upgrade.

Actually I wonder why MiaB deploy 2FA for its control panel, but not for its webmail client.

You’re welcome to contribute a pull request once you get it working. :construction_worker_man: :+1:

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