2FA app FreeOTP+

Could links to FreeOTP+ (PLUS) be added to Two-Factor Authentication page as well?

Plus Android users may be interested in AuroraOSS App stores (alternative to Google Play [ Aurora Store / F-Droid [Aurora Droid] (Aurora Droid | AuroraOSS)

Yes, but only if we explain how to actually install it assuming the same novice level of knowledge that we assume for the rest of the project. So with that, feel free to make a pull request on GitHub adding it.

Hi Josh,

Pull request is beyond me :frowning:
But git is on the to do list to learn next, when I got some spare time …

If there is some here versed in git, please feel free to add.

You can just find the file that you want to edit on https://github.com/mail-in-a-box/mailinabox and click Edit and then it’ll walk you through what to do. (There are more complicated ways to open pull requests, but for simple edits this is a nice option.)

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