2 Factor Authentication


1 year ago, I did the migration from GMail to MIAB and it was the best tech-choice for me I could do! Data privacy and security were my motivation.

Based on this fact, it would be a great improvement for MIAB, if we could have the 2-factor-authentication in a foreseeable future. @JoshData, what do you think about it? Yes, I know your first answer: you have not enough time for it. But do you see this feature in the next 12 month?


As things are going, no. There won’t be any new features in the foreseeable future, and really the only thing I can think about right now is transitioning to Ubuntu 18.04 when it is released since 14.04 will reach its end of life this year. How can we get to things like 2FA? We need more folks closing issues, submitting pull requests to fix existing problems and improving documentation, and we need to make architectural simplifications like using certbot to provision SSL certificates instead of the custom code I wrote.

The only issue I see with this is not all email clients support 2FA… so realistically 2FA is pointless unless you bundle the software that allows for it. NextCloud and RoundCube are easy to get 2fa working on (They both have plugins for this) but dovecot with an email client like outlook, thunderbird, or eM client wouldnt work as expected.

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