1and1 with digital ocean


Just got a support ticket from DigitalOcean saying that

iRed with centos recommend.

I was trying to set up domain pointing to IP, and install the mail in box .
but now I lot my own php and even mail in box admin access either.

is that only required to use Gandi… not 1and1 users can not use mail-in-box…
In 1and 1 end, they are pretty much assisted to update ns1. and ns2…

So, if the mail-in-box is installed, all the previous setting could be disrupted.

In digitalcean, users need to set up ns1 ns2 ns3 pointing to IP.
If mail in box installed, only leave ns1.box.example.com ns2.box.example.com nothing else from digital ocean setting. ?

What is the clean method?

Hope to hear from you soon .

Hi, you need to setup ns1.box.example.com and ns2.box.example.com with your domain registrar. These are the glue records that help designate these as name servers. You will need to do this regardless of which registrar you use, so this means for Gandi or for 1and1 (assuming you mean 1an1 as a registrar and not a host).

Digital Ocean isn’t a registrar, it’s a hosting provider, so you don’t necessarily need to set anything up there if you want to use the default (internal) DNS with Mail in a Box.

Register Glue Records is very easy with 1&1 :wink: Find the Instructions here: https://help.1and1.com/domains-c36931/manage-domains-c79822/dns-c37586/set-up-a-glue-record-a792329.html

I have installed several instances of MiaB using 1&1 Domains and their (warning! advertising :laughing:) cool 1&1 Cloud Servers (http://www.1and1.com/dynamic-cloud-server) :wink:

Keep in mind that it is not possible to submit DNSSEC-PublicKeys to 1&1 so DANE and DNSSEC in general will not work with Domains hosted at 1&1 :wink: