1and1 hosting - moved from Virtuozzo VPS to VMware Cloud

I’ve been bumping into serious resource constraint issues with my 1and1 VPS host… so after speaking with them on the phone, they offered me a server on their “new” cloud service. As it turns out, my existing mailinabox was running in a Virtuozzo container, and their new environment provides a full VM on top of VMware.

Long story short – moving to the new cloud service has made a WORLD of difference! Mailinabox is much, much happier here. I’ve been having status check issues for months with MIAB, and I suspect it was due to some resource constraints with Virtuozzo. Those are 100% gone in the new VMware world!!

This is much, much, much improved. If anyone is still running in a 1and1 VPS container, I strongly suggest looking at their cloud services. It’s night and day! All the “small stuff” that didn’t work before – the ufw firewall, resolv.conf issues etc – are all GONE with the new environment.

And, to boot, I can spin up multiple VMs now, clone them, load balance them, all kinds of neat stuff.

Really great! Thanks for this awesome piece of software, and now I can wholeheartedly recommend 1and1 as a great MIAB host.