18.04 EOL soon. Is it a good idea to provision mailinabox now

Not sure I chose the right category really. Its a more general question before setup.

I have a multi tenanted exchange setup I am retiring ASAP. Its no longer commercially used but has a few domains/mailboxes still on it that I host for friends and family.

This project seems ideal to migrate them to first. I can host the VM myself in a DC so the cost will be negligible.

However, I’m looking at longevity and I see that Ubunto 18.04 us EOL in 7 months. I see MIAB only runs on 18.04. I don’t want to have to mess about migrating again (unless there will be a simple tool for this maybe?)

Are there plans to support running on Ubuntu 22, or another OS with a much longer EOL?

If I did build on 18.04 now I presume it would be a manual job to migrate once 22 is supported? I presume support is planned before April 2023?


A move to 22.04LTS is actively being worked on; see here. I believe the expected upgrade path will be a backup and restore to a new VM image. If you install the current MIAB on 18.04 and don’t customise, I expect the move will turn out to be quite straightforward.


How can I install the 22.04LTS version already? It seems that it is ready.

The current release is .57a, which is 18.04. When the current release is for 22.04, that will be the current release. Until then, you will be a tester, at this stage I think late alpha tester.

It is ready when it is released.

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