0.45 is out - anyone tried?

Hi folks - saw from MiaB regular status check that there is upgrade available. Just popped on here and didn’t see any announcement but on main website seems out for last few days. Changelog doesn’t have anything that jumps out.

If uneventful then I do the upgrade this weekend as only from 0.44 but need to get a feel on how involved process is - Has anyone tried out the upgrade, how much time did it take ?

Maybe 5 minutes ??? If that.

just tried out (with a slight amount of fingers crossed) but turned out exactly on the money - less than 5 minutes and done!

The bulk of which was nextcloud which I don’t really use but that is another topic…

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The version of nextcloud I have running after the upgrade is However there is a bug introduced with linking the Calendar to CalDav clients. :frowning:
This has been fixed in version 18


no problems, very straight forward, 5 mins

The upgrade was quick and easy for me. It took 15 mins, but that is because I first made a snap shot of the VM before upgrading.