Where do you host?


Same here! Good and solid on own soil company! Big finger towards Trump with his “No privacy for Non Americans act”.


I’ve been hosting with DO for two years without any problems. Recently I encounter this behaviour, but I don’t think it’s linked to hosting on DO.


I self host on a PCEngines APU2C4 server located in my wiring closet. 1GHZ, 4-core CPU, 4GB memory, 120GB SSD, in a box the size of a pocketbook. Consumes 6 watts. Connected via a pfSense firewall to a residential line with all the trimmings needed to make MIAB work.

Works like a charm.


Wow, Scaleway looks awesome! I’ve been looking to move my mail server from DO out of concern for the new President and his policies. I’ll have to check if Amsterdam is free of the U.S. Patriot Act and the European equivalent.


$10 Digital Ocean droplet running almost 600 mailboxes very comfortably


OVH As I Am Planning To Host 30+ Domains Each With Separate IP For DNS/RDNS


1ghz cpu, 1gb ram, 25gb ssd, 2TB? traffic. for 1,20€
Im with them over 2Y no problems…


I’ve been using 1&1 - just moved to their new “cloud” offering and it’s just perfect for MIAB. I like 1&1 because there’s no cap on transfers… not that my mail server does much data, but I use the web piece of things as well.

Quite happy - their previous VPS was a little wonky, but the new VMware-based cloud offering is solid.


Dutch company: https://www.transip.nl/

Possible starting from 10 euro, I use the next package, 20 euro/s/month.


DigitalOcean is the best using them for almost 3 years.
BTW, Hows your performance in OVH? is it good? any Reviews?


I have a MIAB on a small Linode server and on a pair.com (paircloud) server. Linode is a tad faster but not so you would notice. Pair has a great infrastructure. I know this because I have a dedicated server with them (for 13 years now.) Linode is by far the ‘better bang for the buck’ price-wise:


Eventually I’ll decide on one of them and drop the other. I’m waiting to see if there is a problem with Let’s Encrypt on Pair. Seemed to work fine at auto-renewal on Linode.


I’ve used DO before, they’re great. But as I’m based in the UK I’m charged by my bank for making international payments which makes them a little expensive. The VPS I have with OVH is located in Paris, performance is okay but you can definitely feel the latency because of the distance. They’re planning to open a datacentre in the UK later this year so I’ll move then. :slight_smile:


I host with Vultr. They offer custom ISO installations for their operating systems which means you can enable full disk encryption.

They have crazy fast service. I emailed a handful of major companies before choosing a VPS and waited for a response. I got a response in less than two minutes from Vultr.

Their control panel to manage VPS’s is just as intelligent as DigitalOcean and definitely more intuitive than Linode. I’ve had no issues at all and have been with them for a while now. Plus their prices are very competitive.

I’ve seen multiple benchmarks between Vultr and other VPS companies, Vultr is one of the fastest on the market for their prices. Very good company and I’d recommend them to anyone.

I’ve used Linode, Digital Ocean, Amazon, Scaleway, 1&1, Rimuhosting.com, 1984hosting, and a couple others. I don’t know if I’ll ever switch away from Vultr but we’ll see if any others catch my attention.


I am hosting my MiaB server at netcup[0]. Main reasons why i choose them are that they have great special, cheap offers and are located in Germany, never had a big problem with them.

[0] https://www.netcup.de/


but i wish one day to host it on my own hardware which is also accessible for myself :slight_smile:


They’re full of crap compared to DigitalOcean. Support is Horrible.


I’d really same the same about DigitalOcean. I didn’t have that great of a time using their services and the support was lacking for me. I’ve never had issues with Vultr.


Hetzner here as well. Cheap and does a great job. Also it’s based in Germany which is where I am as well.


I use Lunanode - servers based on Montreal, Toronto or France - key for me is Canadian servers - Montreal and France they are OVH resellers, Toronto, which is where I host, they use their own servers.

I host in Toronto, and support is fast, if required - usually within the hour.

I run MIAB on a 1GB RAM virtual machine for $5 per month (1 CPU core only as MIAB has little CPU requirements) I use volume backed storage so I can increase beyond the 15GB included easily.


I currently have the majority of my VPS’s over at Linode. I do have one (not MIAB) Amazon Lightsail VPS I originally setup for testing. I have to say, alot of people poopoo’ed Amazon, but they are reliable and fast for the starter price of $10. That said, I am really a RHEL guy, so even though Amazon Linux is a RHEL 6 fork, I really have become accustomed to systemd, and thats why I didn’t move anything else over yet, nor create any new VPSs there. Linode supports custom images (can easily upload them) so for stuff that needs RHEL or Oracle, its easily taken care of that way. For all else I have CentOS.

But I can wholeheartedly recommend both, given the lack of systemd on Amazon’s Linux. Amazon does also offer Ubuntu 16.04, which I do believe does systemd (not a Ubuntu fan, nor following their current status).