What hosting are you using?

Since I switched to using MIAB, I’m on Linode. Yes not the cheapest, but never had any issues. I’m also using their NS2, NS3 as redundant servers.
Mail port 25 was never blocked, out or inbound; this may be changed lately! Linode support is very responsive! I had to request rDNS via support ticket to be set.

The only issue I had, in the beginning, was that all my emails were going to spam on providers like MS outlook and other big ones. The problem was my new IPv4 was blacklisted ( the whole subnet range was backlisted on spamhaus ) after sending request they took out my IP and had no issues ever since.

But I’m thinking to get a second MIAB instance as failover and may go to another provider just because, I’m running on $10 instance now p/m and I’m not using many resources, and then I’ll shrink my primary MIAB VM on Linode instance to the smallest one again duo personal budget shrinking, but I do not want to leave them for a reason is build up IPv4/6 reputation and also Linode reliability.


If you’re based in Europe, https://www.hetzner.com/cloud is pretty good. German and Finish locations, so you can keep you’re data within the EU, good prices (€2.96/month), no ports blocked as far as I can tell. Limited contact I’ve had with support was good.

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